Jul 26, 2020 • 1HR 10M

Keep it Wausome 31: Actress Kimi Harris

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B.C. Kowalski
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Actress Kimi Harris has started in feature and short films, TV and web series - and she's from Wausau! Harris moved to LA at a young age to pursue acting and has worked with celebrities that include Wanda Sykes. She moved back home during the pandemic and took some time to talk to our podcast! I first met Kimi when we worked together on my friend Jarrod Crooks' film, Bitch Slapped Again — she as the star, and me as Thug #2. Kimi talked to me about the realities of trying to make it in Hollywood, what it's like being on set and how the progression from beginner to working your way to better and better roles works. Check it out!