Feb 5, 2021 • 1HR 8M

Keep it Wausome 45: William Harris

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B.C. Kowalski
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I've been excited for this one. William Harris is, as far as anyone can tell, Marathon County's first black elected official. But that's honestly the least interesting thing about Mr. Harris. Most elected officials take a term or two, or at least a year, to get their feet under them. William just hit the ground running and his efforts have already led to a ton of change. Thanks to him residents at Island Place, many who are elderly, now have a bus stop they can access. And the county thanks to William's efforts is seeking aid from the state that could mean the difference between being evicted and staying in their home. And did you know he went to Oxford? William is one impressive fellow, and someone who chose to live in Wausau. It was an honor to sit down with him for a conversation. Also, check out these Black History Month events William is working on - find his Facebook page for more details: Black History Month: Courageous Community Conversations February 3rd, 2021 US History After the Transatlantic Slave Trade February 10th, 2021 What is Racism Through a Trauma-Informed Lens? February 17th, 2021 Why are We Still Talking About Racism? February 24th, 2021 Racism and how it intersects with Black Women