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Top Wausonian stories of 2021

Council member faces ethics investigation | Weekly Wausonian

Wausau has been losing students for years

Wausau Schools move forward on $182 million referendum ask

Switcheroo: the Riverlife/Mall swap looks a little different than initially presented

City solar array on hold | The Wausonian

The backstory on how the Juedes case came to trial

Last Shoot Out actress Skylar Witte | KIW061

Wausau mourns COVID losses as new antibody treatments show promise | Weekly Wausonian

The Weekly Wausonian | DCE Super to retire

The Great Resignation: Firefighting

Marie Kieffer on inclusivity in hair care | ep 60

Weekly Wausonian | Affordable housing chosen for Westside Battery site

Does the mall redevelopment need more transparency?

ATVs now allowed on some county roads | Weekly Wausonian

Bonus free post: United Airlines cutting service from CWA to Chicago

The Great Resignation: 911 dispatchers

Weekly Wausonian | Patient dies in ambulance crash

ECDC hires first Wausau director ahead of refugee resettlement | Weekly Wausonian

Why are so many Wausau employees quitting?

Weekly Wausonian | Wausau West locks down after gun incident

From Kabul to Wisconsin: Khwaga Ghani's journey as an Afghan refugee | 59

Wausau's 2022 budget breakdown

Weekly Wausonian | Children's Imaginarium lands in Wausau

Remember that children's museum? Yeah, it's happening

Wausau is about to lose affordable housing

Follow the money: Kirk Bangstad and the Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC

Follow the money: Kirk Bangstad and the Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC

DCE grad drops out of AG race | Weekly Wausonian

A changing curriculum after Native incident | Weekly Wausonian

Getting the right-wing radio treatment

Meet Wausau's first poet laureate, Dawn Anderson | 58

Wausau Schools creates new mitigation policy | Weekly Wausonian

Weston commission says no to TIF expansion | Weekly Wausonian

The politics of masking, part II

City once again looking to fill vacant Westside Battery site | Weekly Wausonian

What's going on with the police task force?

Weekly Wausonian | Felony charges requested for accused cat killer

Inside the mind of new health officer Laura Scudiere | 57

Weekly Wausonian | A narrow defeat for A Community for All

Who's the boss? Inside the Michael Loy compensation fiasco at North Central Health Care

Weekly Wausonian | City council member could be sued

Chris Gerboth on strong women characters, small town politics and local book stores | KIW 56

More than shushing was going on at the Marathon County Public Library

A flurry of resolutions | Weekly Wausau news

A Community For All vs. the Constitutional Sanctuary

Weekly Wausonian | Storms wreak havoc on the Wausau area

Is there hope for the Wausau Daily Herald?

Is there hope for the Wausau Daily Herald?

Jerel Austin Ballard on philanthropy, journalism and making a difference | KIW 55

Weekly Wausonian | No varsity football for Wausau East this year

Putting less people in jail is having alarming consequences

Police say crime increasing at gazebo | The Wausonian

Tim Gutknecht on photography, art, the biz and balance | 54

City streets around mall to undergo major changes | The Wausonian

What's up with the Rib Mountain expansion?

Contamination found on mall site | The Wausonian

The TIF distress

The Weekly Wausonian, July 1, 2021

Meet the city's new Community Development Director

The Weekly Wausonian, June 24, 2021

Stephanie Kohli talks about art, perseverance and challenge | 53

NCHC Financial report reveals $3.9 million shortfall

The Weekly Wausonian, June 17, 2021

The Weekly Wausonian | Wausau news, June 10, 2021

Subscriber post: What's happening at North Central Health Care?

What's happening at North Central Health Care?

Wausau news this week | June 3, 2021

Wausau news this week | May 27, 2021

The end of the Wausau Center mall w/ Jarrod Crooks | Keep it Wausome 52

The time the New York Times slammed our city, and the aftermath

The time the New York Times tried to cancel Wausau, and the aftermath

Wausau news this week | May 20, 2021

Who will pay less for garbage? Probably not you

Data shows who would really save on garbage fee changes in Wausau

Scott Laub, founder of Skeeters Woodshop, talks recovery, music and woodworking | Keep it Wausome 51

Wausau news this week | May 13, 2021

Wausau this week | May 6, 2021

The seed economy: How environmentally friendly practices are leading to better profits for Marathon County farmers

An officer-involved shooting, No Mow May passes and more

Zola Jesus on her new album, criticisms of Spotify and why she loves Wisconsin so much | 50

The mall's next steps, good news for bees, a local AG candidate and more | The Wausonian weekly roundup

A tale of three Lee's, and how they explain Marathon County's backlog | The Big Story

Employees help expose bacteria outbreak at waterpark | The Big Story

Survey shows downtown businesses improving | Wausonian this week

New faces on the Wausau School Board, the mall closes for good, and more

Justin Evans talks about LA, acting and becoming director at CWCT | Keep it Wausome 49

A pandemic backfire: Disabled passengers complain of mistreatment on Metro Ride

Regional vaccine site slated to open at NTC and this week's news

The weird 'exhausting' theft spree going on in Wausau

A reset of sorts

Gina Cornell, the journalist turned triathlete who is revolutionizing the clothing business | 48

Harold Melo returns to his Peruvian musical roots on his new single | 47

Keep it Wausome 46: Jerome Segura III, the economist who became a mushroom grower

Keep it Wausome 45: William Harris

Keep it Wausome 44: Ashlie Montana Zeidler

Keep it Wausome 43: Rockstar fitness with Melissa Rae Hartl