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Major updates on election post

The election homepages for Wausau and Marathon County

The top stories of The Wausonian in 2023

The monthly tavern report: November 2023

A new site for Red Granite Charter School | The Weekly Wausonian

Wausau spent $800,000 on a $350,000 property. Now some want a process change

Overdose deaths rising in Marathon County

Granite House is now ready to fill the gap left when Clubhouse closed | The Weekly Wausonian

Mayor Katie Rosenberg's campaign funded an un-attributed campaign ad

More students are failing since before the pandemic

Election season kicks off with surprises | The Weekly Wausonian

PFAS lawsuits, water rates and some unusual expenses

That guy we reported on earlier this summer making anti-Semitic speeches around town? He's running for mayor

Monthly tavern report: October 2023

Mall redevelopment deal revealed | The Weekly Wausonian

With the merger killed, the Wausau School District has its work cut out for it

Wausau's budget, a fight over Wausau's water bills and other tidbits

Commission considers firing employee who filed complaint against Everest Metro chief Clay Schulz

Riverlife amendment | The Weekly Wausonian

The long, complicated story of the Wausau's Children's Imaginarium's opening

Lead leadership | The Weekly Wausonian

No more merger

Marathon County passes budget with far fewer fireworks than last year

The Christensens are one of 12 WPS customers that refuse new smart meters - now they’re adapting to life without power

City spends $800,000 on lots for next fire department building | The Weekly Wausonian

A tax update

What really happened with the Everest Metro Chief investigation

Transit director quit; says city hall didn't support him | The Weekly Wausonian

Lakeland Times' owner wins lawsuit against Minocqua Brewing Company owner

Digging deeper into the Everest Metro Chief investigation and other tidbits

Understanding your Wausau taxes, and how they're going up

Structural changes | The Weekly Wausonian

Did Patrick McKee just save the district's restructuring plan?

YouTubers are flooding the Wausau Police Department with open records requests

Tax hike coming | The Weekly Wausonian

Monthly tavern report: September 2023

What the Wausau East band teacher investigation files teach us about what really happened

The mall's last chance | The Weekly Wausonian

Avelo launched its new low-cost, direct flight to Orlando last week - but for how long?

No charges filed against Everest Metro Police Chief Clayton Schulz

Watertown sends T. Wall packing | Weekly Wausonian

More kids are failing than before the pandemic

More mall delays | The Weekly Wausonian

Wausau decides on the mall redevelopment amendment tonight, but an agreement with WOZ is still being worked on

UPDATE: Everest Metro Police Chief Clayton Schulz under investigation following sexual harassment complaint

Monthly open thread: September 2023

Amazon dreams | The Weekly Wausonian

The Politics of Masking, Part II

Weston approved the Amazon Distribution Center without knowing it was Amazon

Stewart Park is crumbling | Weekly Wausonian

Looking into Wausau Area failing grade data

Wausau's is not T. Wall's only project delay | Weekly Wausonian

T. Wall owner calls for council members' resignations

A stall on the mall | The Weekly Wausonian

The challenges of mall redevelopment

Monthly open thread: August 2023

Day center swap | The Weekly Wausonian

The book battle

Culture war battle expected today at the library

Lawsuits, charging indecision and other Wausau news tidbits

Two downtown businesses go dark | The Weekly Wausonian

FEATURED EVENT: Mike Clark and the Sugar Sounds that eventually took off

Wausau spent $30,000 on PFAS messaging

Delaying the delay of the Wausau Center mall redevelopment | The Weekly Wausonian

DOC denies The Wausonian's records request into how Cindy Schulz-Juedes died

How The River concert venue fell apart

The River concert venue hits a snag | The Weekly Wausonian

BREAKING: Oneida committee voted to shut down Minocqua Brewing Company

Chaos foams over in the Northwoods

Police investigate drowning death |The Weekly Wausonian

The politics of brewing | Minocqua Brewing Co.'s fight with Oneida County

Cindy Schulz-Juedes died in prison after being sentenced last year for the 2006 killing of her husband Kenneth Juedes

The strange disappearance of Tara Jane Sullivan

Charges requested against former Weston clerk | Weekly Wausonian

School report card scores have slumped post-pandemic

Mayoral protest | Weekly Wausonian

TIF: An out of control monster?

Open Thread: July 2023

Investment fraudster sentenced | Weekly Wausonian

How a Wausau wealth manager defrauded seniors

The battle to save Pine Crest Nursing Home

Wausau's anti-Semitic "mayoral candidate" that everyone is talking about - but no one is sure what to do with

Chief resignations | Weekly Wausonian

Final results: Most Wausonians pessimistic about Wausau mall redevelopment project

Revenue sharing | The Weekly Wausonian

Wausau will get more than $1M in additional shared revenue

Does recently announced delay of the Wausau Center project make you optimistic or pessimistic about downtown?

City communications manager? No thanks, committee says | Weekly Wausonian

Wausau Mall project delayed until 2024 due to lack of funding

BREAKING: Wausau East Band Teacher Rob Perkins has resigned

Monthly open thread: June

Can a new large music venue in Wausau work?

Committee approves Bull Falls Brewery asset sale | Weekly Wausonian

More questions than answers on the Rob Perkins Wausau East Band situation

Business is booming in Wausau; or is it?

Wausau's new major music venue | Weekly Wausonian

What we've learned about a criminal investigation in Kronenwetter

Could this ordinance kill the music at Tiki Beach?

No fines for campaign finance violations | The Weekly Wausonian

Stuck in the middle with you

Affordable for whom?

Morgue matters | The Weekly Wausonian

Open thread: Wausau gets named trashiest WI city and least food trendy, reports say

BREAKING: Wisconsin Valley Lutheran is closing, according to letter sent to parents

Weekly Wausonian | Wausau School Board hiring attorney to investigation band teacher situation

Differing perspectives on the Wausau East band situation

Bull Falls Brewery owes nearly $300,000 to the city, finance director reveals

The Weekly Wausonian: Bull Falls Brewery confirms sale

More details emerge about the complaints against the Wausau East band teacher

FEATURED EVENT: Early Eyes is a sonic treat you can't miss at Lamplight Sessions

UPDATE: District scrambles as Hmong leaders accuse Wausau East Band director of racist remarks

McClellan's last stand | Wausau news

A city council member's drunken driving arrest and what it means for media information

Kronenwetter trustee arrested on outstanding warrant

The best Wausau-area specials

Police sweep homeless out of downtown, and that's the new policy | The Weekly Wausonian

Did Wausau's school board race buck a larger trend?

A note about Notes: Substack's newest feature

Police, city sweep homeless encampments out of downtown

Mayor Katie aims for round two | The Weekly Wausonian

Another ethics complaint, this time against the newly elected board members and the Republican Party of Marathon County

Housing is affordable in Wausau - but good luck finding it

Kronenwetter change | The Weekly Wausonian

April Open Thread: All eyes on Kronenwetter

Ending the drama: The theme of the Kronenwetter board race

Wausau wrestles with homelessness | The Weekly Wausonian

The story behind a $1 million settlement the village of Kronenwetter paid

Open Door day center open | Weekly Wausonian

Kronenwetter committee fails to disclose administrator candidate, but we found out who it is

Referendum denied | The Weekly Wausonian

When one Clubhouse closes, another opens

Open thread: March 2023

First childcare grant hits Marathon County | The Wausonian

Kronenwetter considered forming an ethics commission. It didn't go well

The troubling case of Officer Frank

Petition circulating calling for restructuring referendum | Weekly Wausonian

Bridge Community has no staff doctors or dentists, as its waitlist grows | A Wausonian investigation

A new city department? Find out Thursday | Weekly Wausonian

Busing could be a challenge for district's restructuring plan

FEATURED EVENT: Jenny Don't and the Spurs

School restructuring, with a twist | Weekly Wausonian

Campaign finance complaint filed against Wausau School Board members

Museum tax debate continues | Weekly Wausonian

Emails reveal business leaders pushed for extended ski expansion area

Open thread: January 2023

Fixing the school bus | Weekly Wausonian

Every fact you need to know about the Wausau School District's restructuring plan

A big change for schools on pause | The Weekly Wausonian

The Granite Peak switcheroo

Weekly Wausonian: City could relocate garage to Iron Works site

The complicated Marathon County housing market

Perfectly Wausonian No. 3: Stephanie Kohli

A new city department? | The Weekly Wausonian

In spite of cuts, Nurse Family Partnership transition work has begun

Monthly open thread: January 2023

Weekly Wausonian | Eastbay still silent about closure details

The year's five most-read stories